DCC bank polls: A prestige issue for political parties

DCC bank polls: A prestige issue for political parties

The rapport between S L Bhojegowda and MLA C T Ravi needs no explanation. With DCC election as the reason, both are busy settling scores with each other.

So far C T Ravi has emerged victorious in all the dealings at the Government level with regard to the bank while Bhojegowda has won at the judicial level, thereby establishing an equation between the two.

The election is scheduled to be held on April 22 and much before the voters’ list could be out, all the three parties are busy luring the eligible voters. Presidents of 9 Co-operative Societies will cast their votes. Presidents of Hiremagalur, Siravase, Uddeboranahalli, Hiregauja, Indavara, Uluvagilu, Sathihalli, Kadavanthi and Sangameshwarapet Co-operative Societies are said to be the 9 voters and all the contender are trying their level best to bag the votes of these voters.

The administration of the bank is in the hands of the JD(S) as of now and BJP is said to have polished its stratergy to win over the election this time. Though the fight might seem to be between M L Murthy and S L Bhojegowda from an outset, the interest, efforts and role of C T Ravi behind the scenes is an open secret.

Both S L Bhojegowda and M L Murthy will fight it out for the post of the Director from Chikmagalur taluk itself.

While Congress is pinning its hope on Siravase, Uluvagilu, Sathihalli, Kadavanthi and Sangameshwarapet Vyavasaya Seva Sahakari Bank, JD(S) is eying Hiremagalur, Uddeboranahalli, Hiregauja and Indavara Vyavasaya Seva Sahakari Bank.

Sources say that C T Ravi has decided to support anyone who contests against Bhojegowda and Dharmegowda.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner has been appointed as the Administrative Officer of the DCC Bank. With this move of the Court, winning Director’s post has become inevitable for S L Bhojegowda.

The list of Co-operative Societies eligible to cast the votes will be out on April 12. The nomination for the post of Director can be filed on April 14. Anyone who bags 5 out of 9 votes will emerge victorious.

With the voters’ list out, one may surely witness fierce competition and activities in all political parties vying for the prestigious post.