Cops take rowdy Nagaraj, sons back into their custody

Cops take rowdy Nagaraj, sons back into their custody

Rowdy Nagaraj and his two sons Gandhi and Shastri were taken into police custody by the Rajagopalnagar police on Monday.

They have been taken into custody over kidnap and extortion of an industrialist in Rajagopalnagar, north Bengaluru, and their involvement in the demonetised currency exchange racket.

A total of 11 cases have been registered in which four cases are from Malleswaram sub-division including Srirampuram, Nandini Layout and Rajagopalnagar police stations. The four inspectors have been entrusted with probing each case separately.

The Srirampuram police had earlier taken the three into custody and after interrogation, returned them to judicial custody.

The Rajagopalnagar police on Monday took custody of the fathers and sons through body warrants.
During interrogation, the police found that Nagaraj had married thrice. His first wife died and his second and third wives live in Srirampuram.

But Nagaraj mostly lived with his second wife and used to visit his third wife only occasionally, the police sources said.

When the police brought his third wife in front of him during interrogation, Nagaraj told the police she was their maid. But when the police confronted him with documents, he admitted that she was his wife.

Nagaraj has still not given out any information about his involvement in kidnapping, extortion and his involvement in the currency exchange racket following the demonetisation.

“Whenever Nagaraj is questioned about it, he replies and reacts like a mentally unstable person and collapses. Later, he gets up and behaves normally till we start questioning him again about the cases,” a police officer said.