Green travel made easy

Green travel made easy

Green travel made easy

do it right Use eco-friendly options to commute while exploring a new place.Consider your transportation options carefully. Whether you decide to drive, fly, or take the train to your holiday destination, each mode of transport will produce carbon emissions. You may be surprised to learn that air travel is not always the least eco-friendly option. For long distances, this may be the least polluting option.

By using an online carbon footprint calculator like, you can calculate the impact of travel on carbon emissions. Like the most eco-friendly way to cover the 1760 kilometres from Chennai to Delhi is by direct flight. This produces only 374 kg of carbon dioxide compared to 427 kg in a carpool of 2 persons, 459 kg by train and 853 kg if driving alone.

 However, if travelling short distances, avoid taking the plane. A direct flight from Chennai to Bangalore, a distance of only 272 kilometres, will produce 147 kg of carbon dioxide. In this case, carpooling with a minimum of 2 persons is the most eco-friendly option for such a short trip, as this will produce only 66 kg of carbon dioxide (compared to 71 kg if taking the train and 132 kg if driving alone).

Choose an eco-friendly hotel or resort. Many hotels and resorts are adopting environmentally friendly practices by using renewable materials in construction, installing energy efficient lighting, harvesting rainwater, and recycling waste.

 Eco-travel starts before you leave. So when you leave home, make sure you unplug appliances which will not be in use while you’re away. Those with digital displays like microwave ovens and DVD players, and those with standby features like computers, continue to consume energy even while switched off.

 At your destination, use eco-friendly transportation. Once you’ve reached your destination, consider the most eco-friendly options of getting around. In small towns or cities, walking or cycling are pleasant options and a good way to soak up the local scenery and get some exercise. Public transport is another option.

 Carry a reusable shopping bag. A cloth bag can easily be folded and carried in your daypack.

Use a reusable water bottle which you can refill at your hotel, in restaurants or at public water fountains. and rechargeable batteries and rechargers.