A Southern odyssey

A Southern odyssey

A Southern odyssey

There are times when you head out with family for a casual dinner, without deciding about the food everyone would like to have. So if people want to have a mix of things, a good place to head to is ‘Rajathadri Food Fort’ in Jayanagar. Here, one can find a variety of South Indian snacks, Chinese and North Indian dishes to appeal to every palate.

The place has a food court where one can place their order and typically stand and eat. Additionally, there is a restaurant area with proper seating where families come to have a relaxed meal. The place also sees many rushing in to savour their Sunday breakfast, usually ‘dosas’, ‘idlis’, ‘Kesari bath’, piping hot ‘filter coffee’ and other favourites.

For those who like their ‘dosa’ nice and crisp, they have the ‘Paper plain dosa’ and ‘Paper masala dosa’. The ‘dosa’ is sure to put a smile to your face and make you want to return to the place. The other dishes in this section include ‘Chow chow bath’, ‘Khara bath’, ‘Shavige bath’ and ‘Bajji pakoda’ among others.

In the Chinese menu, there are items like ‘Gobi manchurian’, ‘Mushroom manchurian’, ‘Paneer chilli’ and ‘Paneer 65’ that you can gorge on as starters. To accompany them are fried rice and noodles as the main course. The portions are good and filling.

However, if you don’t want to order anything from the above two categories and want to try out something else, then there is the North Indian section to take your pick from. Besides the usual curries, they have ‘paneer’ dishes like ‘Paneer butter masala’, ‘Kadai paneer’ and ‘Paneer kofta’ that are worth trying.

For curries, however, there’s ‘Veg kolhapuri’, ‘Veg makhanawala’, ‘Navratan korma’ and some others that you can choose from. The ‘paneer’ dishes and curries go well with the ‘roti’, ‘naan’ and ‘kulcha’ available. The breads are nicely done.

The place has grilled sandwiches and ‘Pav bhaji’ on the menu as well. There is a range of fresh fruit juices and milkshakes to gulp down with your meal. And one is spoilt when it comes to the choice of ice creams and sundaes. Choose from ‘Gudbud’, ‘Honeymoon Special’, ‘My Dream’, ‘Golden Cherry’, ‘Raja Rani’, ‘Silver Queen, ‘Chocolate Nut Sundae’ and much more. 

All in all, the place has a number of good food options and one can drop by here for a quick meal. The restaurant is open from 7 am to 10.30 pm everyday. ‘Rajathadri Food Fort’ is located at 19/49, near National College, 2nd Main, 31st Cross, 7th Block, Jayanagar.