Let's take a wok!

Let's take a wok!

Let's take a wok!

Whether it’s a late lunch or an early dinner, if your stomach is growling for some authentic Chinese food, head to ‘New Leaf’ on Church Street. This small Chinese restaurant is run by a young computer science graduate from China.

In the quest for authentic Chinese and also making Bengalureans aware of the traditional cuisine of his country, Shao started the restaurant just a year back.

He is grateful to his friends who have spread the word about this place in the city. Today, he says that most of his visitors are expatriates from Japan, Germany and of course, China.

“I see a lot of young professionals and sometimes, even families, come in to experience the food here. Till now, it has received a great response. One can relish some really authentic Chinese dishes made using traditional ingredients here. I try to fetch a few raw materials from the local markets and also import some from China. We are planning to open another branch in Indiranagar soon,” says Shao. 

As you enter the cosy place, the first thing you will notice is the owner himself (Shao), smiling and greeting you as you make your way to the table. The restaurant has about four tables tucked in comfortably.

As you sit, you will notice that each table has something similar to an induction stove attached at the centre with a temperature controller.

This instantly gives you an idea of the unique experience coming your way. If ordering the right dishes is a bit difficult for you, Shao will come to help you. He explains how to go about your order to get the perfect pairing. The first page of the menu has three options of ‘hot pot’ base — red, white and dual hot pot. You can choose your base and pair it with either chicken, mutton, seafood and ‘shiitake’ mushrooms.

Once the hotpot arrives at your table, it is kept for simmering on the stove. You can gradually add your pairings to the pot and let it cook for a few minutes. That’s a delicious hot pot for you!

Also, as you wait for the hot pot to get ready, ask for a plate of chicken dumplings that you will not regret ordering. They are soft and well-cooked.

The chilli sauce paired with it is lipsmacking. Slowly, get ready with your soup bowls, it’s time to dig into the hot pot! The steaming soup base has just the right amount of spices. It’s sure to awaken your senses and the taste will linger in your mouth for long. The chicken strips are well- cooked and so are the mushrooms and the lettuce. Don’t shy away from taking a second serving.

You can also try out their ‘Chicken noodle soup’, which comes with three types of pairings — chilli sauce, finely chopped garlic and peanut sauce. Add all of them to make a good base and sip on. You can even try these accompaniments with the hot pot soup. It tastes heavenly!

Visit the place to experience authentic Chinese gastronomy. ‘New Leaf’ is located at 16, Ground Floor, Phoenix Arcade, Church Street. For details, call 9686597631.