Now, animal carcass too can be recycled

Now, animal carcass too can be recycled

The BBMP is planning to set up four animal waste processing units in the city.
With the production of 120-150 tonnes of animal waste every day, the waste is often dumped in open fields, which results in clogging of drains and attracts stray animals.

Sarfaraz Khan, joint commissioner, solid waste management, BBMP, said, “The Palike has already allotted Rs 2 crore for two incineration plants. Tenders are being called for two rendering units.”

Incineration and rendering of waste are two common methods of disposing it. Animal waste can be hazardous if it is not disposed of properly. The rendering unit has more challenges as the waste collected here has to be converted into useful derivables.

Products such as protein powder for canines and feed for aquatic animals will be derived in the rendering unit. The fresh carcass can be converted into food for fish and other animals and the dry carcass can be converted into bio-fertilisers.

“It is not difficult to dispose of carcasses of larger animals as they can either be incinerated or certain parts can be taken out to create something useful. But it is very challenging to dispose of the carcasses of smaller animals and birds,” he said. According to him, feathers of chicken are very difficult to dispose of.