Rise in malaria, typhoid cases in the State

Rise in malaria, typhoid cases in the State

Cases are comparatively less than last year, according to Health Department sources

Rise in malaria, typhoid cases in the State

According to State Health Department nearly 700 cases of Malaria Plasmodium falciparum (serious form) have been reported in the State with 273 positive cases in Dakshina Kannada alone; 113 cases in Gulbarga; 100 in Bagalkot and 23 cases in Bangalore Urban. 

The other mild form Malaria Plasmodium vivax has more than 3,400 cases reported in the State.

 Two deaths due to Malaria have also been reported in Bellary.  Malaria is normally caused due to female Anopheles mosquitoes which breed in fresh water.
187 Dengue  cases
Dengue fever again is caused due to mosquitoes bites. Nearly 187 confirmed cases have been reported in the State with 84 cases alone in Davangere and 37 cases in Bangalore Urban for the past three months.  According to Dr L T Gayathri, Chief Health officer, BBMP (Health), there have been 10-12 cases of Dengue and Chikungunya cases being reported in the City.

There have been 6,000 odd positive typhoid fever cases being reported in the State in the past three months.  Chitradurga alone reported 750 positive cases followed by Bagalkot and Kolar with 531 and 523 cases respectively. Bangalore Urban has reported with 154 and Rural with 50 positive typhoid cases.  Drinking uncovered and contaminated water leads to Typhoid fever.

Speaking to Deccan Herald Bangalore Urban's District Health Officer, Dr Thimmappa said that the report he has is different from what the health department has recorded.  
"I have just two Dengue cases being reported till date.  However we are taking enough measures to prevent the spread of any epidemic.  We are visiting door to door and counselling people about cleanliness of their surroundings,” Thimmappa added.   
However, sources from the State health department said that the cases this year have been comparatively less than last year.  "This is just the beginning, we are expecting more cases during and post monsoon," the sources added.

Total number of positive cases reported in the State from January 04 to March 21, 2010: Dengue (187), Chikungunya (67), Malaria-PI (724), Malaria-PM (3,478), Cholera (45), Leptospirosis (19), Typhoid (6,082), Diphtheria (4), Hepatitis A (72), Hepatitis E (16)
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