Malik signed nikahnama, reveals his lawyer

Malik signed nikahnama, reveals his lawyer

Shoaib’s lawyer Ramesh Gupta told some news channels in Delhi that the signature on the nikahnama was indeed that of Shoaib’s.

‘No legal hurdle’

“Shoaib told me that he signed the nikahnama, believing the girl to be the one whose photographs were sent to him,” he said. The lawyer claimed that even if the marriage is considered valid, there would be no legal hurdle in Shoaib Malik’s marriage with Indian tennis star Sania Mirza later this month.

“In his community, a man can marry more than one wife and without the consent of the first wife,” the cricketer’s lawyer said.

Gupta said Shoaib, while signing the nikahnama, did not know that the girl he was marrying was Ayesha Siddiqui, the daughter of M A Siddiqui.

Shoaib and his family members had on Friday denied the marriage with Ayesha claiming he was cheated by her family by using the photographs of another girl.