Learn to live life king-size

Learn to live life king-size

Learn to live life king-size
All of us have only one life and only one chance to live it to the fullest or squander it with pointless activities. Do you always feel that the grass is greener on the other side? Do you live with the illusion that people who have smiling faces have never experienced hardships in their life? It could be quite the contrary. People who smile in public have learnt the art of never giving up. The older we get, the more we realise that it takes courage and conviction to live life well.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of life:

Keep things simple

There is lot of serenity and bliss in the simple things of life. Connect with nature by going on a trek, setting out on a wildlife safari or heading to the beach. Take time to meet the people you love and share some special moments together. Every day, you’ll see people who could use help. Spend some time doing small acts of kindness. 

Take risks

A monotonous life is a dull life. Come out of your safety zone, do something different, laugh in the face of danger, take on a different trajectory and you will enjoy a world of new experiences. When life is full of escapades and thrills, you will be energised. Be an adrenaline junkie. Do something wild and adventurous, like bungee jumping, riding motorcycles, racing jet skis, going surfing or figure skating.

Live in the present

Your past is significant as you need to learn from your mistakes. Your future is important as it takes you towards new goals. But at the end of the day, the only thing that exists outside of your head is the present. So dwell on the present instead of brooding on the golden opportunities you’ve lost. There is enormous joy in turning into a new version of yourself and discovering the new things that you are capable of doing.

Don’t compromise

If something doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. If you face a situation that goes against your principles refuse to accept it. Believe in your instincts and on things that make you feel well-balanced. Do whatever you desire as long as you are walking down the paths that you believe in.

Ignore the pessimists

There will always be someone around to point out your flaws and weaknesses. You need to learn to ignore them and step away from these worthless comments. Know that every winner loses, but not every loser wins. Efficient people don’t start out successful. What makes them successful is the way they keep overcoming failure.

Travel the world

Travel to different places and allow yourself to be a stranger in that place. Visit a dream city or country in your lifetime. Keep exploring new routes, cities, customs, cuisines and cultures. You will become more open, accepting and appreciative of varied cultures and lifestyles.

Follow your instincts

Go where your heart leads you! Stop longing for superficial and material sources of happiness, such as money, big cars or expensive jewellery. When you look back, you will discover that it isn’t the tangibles that your heart desires but the more important things of life, such as — companionship, contentment, love and inner peace.

Live large

When you decide to live life king-size, it means taking an dynamic role in your own development. It means steering the rudder of your own life and taking advantage of your unique personality and potential. It would mean facing your fears with valour and an open mind. It means making the most of what you have and never settling for less than the life you are capable of living.

Be truly alive and not asleep in life’s waiting room. Maximise your capacity to experience all that life has to offer you. This, in turn, will expand your consciousness and will result in more opportunities and a broader range of life experiences. As Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Be a risk-taker and a thrill-seeker and above all, enjoy every moment!