Philips rolls out 'Plugfest' in Bangalore

What more, they are even testing the ability of their products to work together at the Plugfest “Philips Connectivity Plugfest -01,” held for the first time in the city.
“This is no talking shop, but a place to actually ‘Plug-in and plug-out and see how various consumer electronic products of different brands work between themselves,” said  Jelle Rieske, Senior Director, Consumer Electronics Division.
“Most of the products tested here are still in the development phase and tests are conducted for HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface (wired), DLNA and Bluetooth (wireless) standards,” he told Deccan Herald, on the second day of the festival. About 13 companies are testing 29 of their products, which, if passes successfully, would form the basis of networked home entertainment in the coming years.
As part of the HDMI authorisation centre, Phillips has been certifying products of their competitors under non-disclosure agreement. Rieske explained that this experience has prepared them to host Plugfest this year.  “This is mutually beneficial,” Rieske Said.
“If our devices are going to work together, it offers consumers a choice and ultimately offer them the experience they look for. As for companies, we can correct issues in our products before it goes to production, which is a huge cost saver.”
Tecktronix, one of the participating companies in the festival, said it has been a good platform for learning.

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