Campaign seeks restoration of Kannada in bank services

Campaign seeks restoration of Kannada in bank services

Campaign seeks restoration of Kannada in bank services
A campaign is calling out banks for completely abandoning Kannada in their service stationery.

Activists posted challans and forms on Twitter, showing how even banks founded in Karnataka were now using only Hindi and English. With more than 13,000 posts since Tuesday evening, #Nammabankukannadabeku was trending on Twitter.

For the non-Kannada speaking, the hashtag translates to 'Want Kannada in our banks'.

The online campaign is seeking forms in Kannada to allow people to bank in the language. It comes in the wake of resistance to Namma Metro's attempts to put up signage in Hindi.

Campaigners said they were afraid the Metro authorities, like the banks, would gradually erase Kannada completely.

Reports have been highlighting the plight of Kannadiga bank customers not familiar with English and Hindi, and the obstacles they face when it comes to transactions.

In September 2016, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had spoken in favour of Kannada at a banking conference: "It has been observed that banks, while preparing challans, passbooks, loan applications, account opening forms, and fixed or term deposit certificates, are not following the compulsory tribhasha sutra (three-language formula)... The government wishes to take firm steps for implementing Kannada in all official activities."

The State-level Bankers’ Committee (SLBC) issued a notice to all banks in the last week of March, asking them to set up Kannada cells and teach Kannada to non-Kannadiga employees, but campaigners say nothing has moved.

Kannada Grahakara Koota, an online consumer forum, is among the organisations in the forefront of spreading consumer awareness among Kannada-speakers. The Karnataka unit of the Aam Aadmi Party supported the campaign with a tweet in Kannada.

What the tweets said

Prakash Belawadi @belawadi: GoK & its Dept's. should consider moving a/c.s to banks that respect local language customers.

Rakshith Ponnathpur @rsponnathpur: A UP migrant in Mysuru can get all bank services in his language. But a Kannada literate native of Mysuru can't.Fair? 

Srujana Deva‏ @SrujanaDeva: What should a Kannadiga do who knows only Kannada? This is how you alienate people in their own land.

Ramachandra M‏ @nanuramu: It's a shame that even after 70 years after Independence, we are begging to get the banking services in our Lang.

Hariprasad Holla‏ @hariprasadholla: This is an ATM machine in Belthangady, Mangaluru. You wouldn't find 1% Hindi natives there.

Adi @naveenspatil: @shaziailmi Thr is no imposition? adding just another language? Can you show me Kannada in Banks in Karnataka?

Lakshmisha Lakshman‏ @Lakkilakshman: To see how 3 lang policy magically becomes 2 lang policy (hindi & Eng) in nationalised banks in KA, pl visit any bank

Prathap Kanagal @Kanagalogy: MP who represents Our constituency blocked me becoz i asked Kannada in Karnataka! I what if i demanded It in Delhi 
(This tweet refers to Sadananda Gowda).
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