What a tassel!

What a tassel!

What a tassel!
Fashion is no longer just about the outfit now. The spotlight is on the little details that make or mar an entire look. Among the many trends that are coming back, tassels are taking a formidable lead.

Tassels have always been in style, especially in Indian wear. Fashion designer Ritu Kumar, says that they are an integral part of the traditional wardrobe.

“They were on cords which were used to tie one’s ‘choli’ or tighten a ‘kurta’. They became more intricate and have more detailing over the years. The use of fabric, pompoms, tiny beads and even mirrors have revolutionised the concept of tassels,” she adds.

Ritu uses tassels in almost every outfit she designs. “The entire ethnic Indian organic identity is making a statement today, be it with saris, ‘kurtas’ or skirts. And fastenings have to be beautiful yet strong, which adds character to the outfit,” she says.

Ritu has worked with floral-printed scarfs and stoles that have elegant tassels on them too.

“They complement a Western top and denim perfectly and make for a nice Indo-Western fusion,” she adds.

Gone are the days when tassels were just threads or strings from the same ensemble put together.

Made with wooden, plastic or acrylic beads and threads in silk or wool, tassels are now great a accessory, says Swathi Bharath, ‘Swathi’s Boutique’.

“There are different types of tassels - simple ones to crochet tassels, crystal tassels to the more experimental mix and match ones. I make tassels out of fabric that is left over from another outfit as that creates a great contrasting effect,” she details.

Tassels are not just a part of ensembles but also an integral part of jewellery.

Sakshi Agarwal, a fashion stylist, says that earrings made of tassels are perfect for cocktail dresses, cold shoulder outfits and blouses. “They accentuate one’s face and give one a suave look. Tassels are also added to neckstrings as pendants with or without stones,” she adds. From coloured thread to metallic hangings, the tassel earrings come in all variants like the thick cluster danglers to thin elegant statement pieces. And tassels don’t stop there. Ashwini Manne, a fashion designer, notes that tassels are being made or bought to spruce up a look.

“One can add these to bags, simple studs or even chokers for an out-of-the-box look. Even bracelets or ‘kada’ make for statement pieces now,” she says. One can put together threads to make these tassels multi-coloured or single coloured according to one’s choice.

“The raw material is available anywhere nowadays. While a tassel adds the traditional touch to an ensemble, it adds a cowboy look to accessories,” she says.

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