Bringing down the house

Bringing down the house

Bringing down the house

Ajith (second from left) and friends at an IPL house party.

Then there are those who throw house parties for their close friends, which are not only fun and enlightening, but also work out economical and encourage bonding among sports lovers.

Anirudh Kheny, a hardware engineer, loves different sports like cricket, formula one and soccer. So he holds screenings for his close friends whenever he can. “I was in the USA for the last two years, and even over there, I had held parties for tournaments like the Euro 2008,” he says. “I have noticed that there are two types of people who come for my parties — either they are hardcore fans, or they have an idea about sports.”

“The party is held in my lawn and I get a big screen to watch the match. I get the food and beverage from outside,” he explains. Anirudh has held parties for more than 20-25 people. Even during this year’s IPL, he organised a small get-together during the Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Mumbai Indians match. “Many places are screening the matches in the City, but holding a screening at home is much more fun. It’s informal, and you can sit, talk and play fool,” he laughs. “Everything is at an arm’s reach,” he adds.

Anirudh’s friend Charith, a creative head at an advertising agency, agrees as well.
“I like to watch the big matches like the semi-finals and finals at the stadium. However, as far as the smaller matches are concerned, I prefer to watch them at home with friends,” he says. Then of course, there is the comfort of home. “At a stadium, one gets the live feel of a match. But things are more chilled out when you are at home.”

There are many who simply love the company. Ajith, who works for a cricket website, loves watching a match amidst sports-lovers. The last match that he watched was with a group of seven to eight friends at his friend Shashank’s house. It was the Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Kings XI Punjab match that was held on March 16.

Says Ajith, “Many a time, we aren’t able to make it to the stadium due to our busy lives. So watching the match at home with friends works out well.” He adds, “It’s always fun. I would rather watch a match with people who love sports than watch it alone.”