Making a case for books

Home decor

There was a time when along with the usual furniture like sofas and centre tables, bookshelves used to be a prominent feature of any house. They were valued like any other important piece of furniture and usually adorned the living rooms.

 Nice wooden bookshelves of costly wood like teak graced many traditional households and added a kind of sophistication to the place. Moreover, books projected an air of scholarship.

But by no means were books kept as a substitute for decoration pieces, they had an appeal of their own.

Apart from those simple shelves which could best be used for keeping books, in vogue, were those shelves and side tables as well, with ample space for displaying other objects like decoration pieces, photo frames or vases.

Not limited to a study

This was a nice way of adding visual beauty to the whole arrangement and completed the look. These were the houses where books were not confined to a study room.
Maybe the concept of having a study room had not caught the craze or perhaps there was no provision for it in the house plan due to lack of space.

In today’s age, if one talks of the interior and furniture, the focus is on the trendy couches, corner tables or a host of other decorative stuff.

Even if one goes through the magazines on interiors one comes across contemporary houses that lack nothing in terms of style and comfort and trend, however, bookshelves or study rooms are nowhere to be seen.  The concept has either lost its meaning or it has become outdated, replaced by new and fashionable items.

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