TP members vent ire against GP secretaries

TP members vent ire against GP secretaries

 Taluk Panchayat President Umesh had convened the meeting.

Taluk Panchayat Member Sathish Naik said that though water crisis has started in various villages, the GP Secretaries are behaving as though they are not aware of the problems.
He said that over 30 tanks built are not used because either the pipelines have not been laid or electricity connection have not been provided or the quality of construction is of poor. Citing that B M Koppal, Nidaghatta, Somenahalli tanks are leaking, he urged legal action the contractors.

ZP President Kemparaj said that the works will be inspected by the ZP Engineers and action will be taken against the officials at fault. Taluk Panchayat Member Somshekar said that during the meeting convened by ZP President recently, the GP Secretaries had said that they would rectify their mistakes but they have not changed.
He said that there is no meaning calling for such meets because the GP Secretaries will not change and will never take up responsibility.

He said that the Geologists were not taken into consideration while digging borewells in the GPs thereby waiving off the rules. Further, he said that since most of the borewells thus dug have failed, lakhs of public money has been wasted. He held irresponsible officials responsible for the waste.

Member Revannaiah said that a lady had recently committed suicide allegedly due to the negligence of the officials of the Watershed Department. He said that Police are also responsible for the death of the lady. He demanded action against the faulty officials.
Kemparaj said that action will be taken against the Watershed Department officials if the police inquiry reveals that the lady had committed suicide due to the official.
TP President Umesh, Vice-President Pushpa Rajanna, TP Executive Officer Parameshwar Shetty were present.
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