Aindrita irks director

Aindrita irks director

In news Aindrita RayAindrita Ray, who gained the sympathy of many people from the Kannada industry, after her controversial fight with director Nagthihalli Chandrashekar, is in news again.

According to sources, she created a huge ruckus on the sets of Nannavanu, directed by Srinivas Raju, following which she stayed away from promoting the film.

Director Srinivas Raju disclosed the off-screen drama that happened on the sets of ‘Nannavanu’ at a press meet arranged to promote the film. “Aindrita Ray claimed that she is no more a part of Nannavanu. It shows her arrogance as well as her innocence.
Whatever she might claim, it is true that she is the heroine of my film,” he stated.

Why did she take such a harsh decision? “Nothing happened from my side. She missed the last two days of shooting for no reason. Luckily, we were able to replace those scenes with ones which we already had shot, otherwise we would have landed in trouble. If she did it for remuneration, she could have raised the matter after the shoot. Her absence caused us a loss of Rs 12 lakh. But I did not file any complaint against her,” he said.

Actor Prajwal confirmed, “On the last day of shoot, around a 100 dancers and several artists were present on the set. I don’t know what happened between her and the producer. She did not show up.”

Srinivas Raju had many incidents to narrate as well. “When we were shooting abroad, she came to the set late without shampooing her hair. It angered me. So I warned her to act properly. She made a fuss about it and cried the whole day. Since then, I didn’t talk to her much,” he alleged.

What does Aindrita have to say about these accusations? “It is true that I did not attend the last two days of shooting as I did not get my full remuneration. But I had completed all my shooting portions. The one I did not attend was just a patch-up work. I had complained to the KFCC about the non-payment issue and the director had agreed to it in front of the chamber. It is an old issue and I am not ready to stretch this issue any further.”

At the same time, she reiterates that she will not promote the film. “Yes, I very much stick to my earlier decision that I am no more a part of Nannavanu.”

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