'I am a restless person'

'I am a restless person'
Actor Krishi Thapanda is always on the move and she likes it that way. With a couple of projects awaiting release, the actor can think of nothing else apart from more work. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor sheds light on her projects and stay in Sandalwood.

What’s happening at your end?

I’m awaiting the release of ‘Kannadakkaggi OndannuOtti’, a film directed by Kushal Gowda, where I will be seen portraying Pramaya, who will be seen in different avatars. The first one is that of a stylish yet notorious person and the other one is a calm village belle. The love story is bound to impress many.

What was the experience like?

The project has many newcomers in the team. It was a fantastic experience to work with them as there was a lot of energy and new ideas. All of them wanted to come out with something really unique.

For someone who is fairly new to the industry, how has your journey been?

There are many people in the industry who came in with me but haven’t had any releases after that. I have been really lucky. Not everyone has a chance to bag offers right after their first film. But I haven’t been shooting for the last one month and I was feeling a bit fidgety and bit worried.

Do you always have to be on the move?

I am a restless person. I always have to be doing something. This is probably the first time in almost a decade that I had some time for myself and I felt clueless about what to do with it. So when I wasn’t shooting I kept travelling.

How important is travelling for you?

Very! I cannot imagine myself not travelling. Travelling opens up one’s thought process.

Every penny I earn is spent on travelling because I want to keep travelling and exploring new places; I have no other goals in life.

Something about the industry that surprised you.

I am lucky that my path has been relatively smooth. There have been no roadblocks so far. But what surprises me about the industry is the fact that many people have a prejudiced approach to new actors in general. One cannot be too close with anyone in the industry.

What do you like about acting?

Acting opened me up to various experiences. There are a lot of things that I thought I wasn’t capable of doing but now I know better. I don’t crib about things and try my best to be cheerful generally but I have to do crying scenes in the movies too. Also, I never thought I could drape a sari and walk around but now I know that I am capable of that too.

How important do you think fashion is for an actor?

A lot. But for me fashion is sporting something that is comfortable and casual. I don’t follow fashion trends blindly and I love experimenting with my looks.

Do you have a fitness mantra?

Eat healthy and laugh a lot. Just be happy. Everything else will work in your favour then.

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