Property worth lakhs gutted

Property worth lakhs gutted

 The damage has been estimated at Rs 20 lakh.

Vegetables and fruits meant for sale, two footwear shops and eight push carts have been reduced to smithereens in the fire observed at two in the morning.

It took more than three hours and six tankers of water for the Fire Service personnel to douse the flames. Major damage was averted as the fire fighting personnel succeeding in containing the fire spreading to neighbouring garages and ‘gujari’ shops.

In an another incident, copra worth Rs 17 lakh was reduced to ashes in a fire at the godown in Yadanahalli of Maddur taluk on Wednesday night. Devaraju, a farmer, had stocked 1.20 lakh coconuts in the godown to sell them as copra in about fifteen days. The roof and supporting walls of the godown have collapsed and even the equipment in the adjoining cocoon rearing centre have been damaged.

No loss of life has been reported in both the fire incidents. The cause of fire is yet to ascertained.
DH News Service