Men are programmed to have a lustful eye

The biggest misunderstanding women have about men is their complaints about men peeking at a woman’s figure or watching an attractive woman walk by, Brizendine said.
“She doesn’t understand that this is how he is wired,” she said. “It’s not that he doesn’t love you.”

Just because men ogle women, she said, it does not mean they will have extramarital dalliances like top golfer Tiger Woods or Jesse James, the husband of actress Sandra Bullock. “There is the normal range of behavior and then there is pathological behavior,” Brizendine said.

The best indicator to whether a man will be faithful is whether his father was faithful, as genes that cause monogamy are passed from father to son, according to “The Male Brain”. In the book’s introduction, she said that when she told friends of her plans to write about the male brain, almost everyone replied “That will be a short book!” Indeed, the book is shorter than her previous one.

When a woman tells a man something has upset her, he is likely to tell her what she should do, she said. Instead he should say “Honey, I know how you feel,” Brizendine said. “She wants that resonance of emotional empathy.”

But rather than being annoyed, women should learn the typical response is men’s way of expressing love and care. Her writing has led to unusual offers that she has rejected — working as a marketing consultant on selling to women, hosting a television show giving advice and endorsing women’s products from clothing to soap. Brizendine is not sure what endorsement offers will emerge after her latest book.
“Let’s hope it’s not Viagra,” she said.

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