Lounging with board games

Lounging with board games

For people in my profession, being busy, joyful and facing stress come as a complimentary package. I guess that’s what makes us unique.

Having said that, we are happy with any day we get as an off. However, once in a blue moon, our schedules match with the rest of the world and that becomes our perfect weekend.

So when all the stars (pun intended) coincide and my friends are also free on a weekend, we usually get together at my house and hang out. We like staying at home as there is so much to do. It all starts with an abundance of food.

We have a lovely cook who makes food of our choice, but there will also be carb options like pizza and bread, and even ice cream. We also try to be as healthy as we can. That’s why almond milk coffee is one of our favourites.

Along with the food, we start our night of fun. Board games like sequence, Monopoly, Pictionary etc. usually keep the night young. I have a corner in my home for board games — yes, that’s how much we love playing them! When we get bored with that, we head out for a swim in the pool.

I love spending time with my loved ones, catching up on each other’s lives and just unwinding. And when we feel that we need a break from the busy life, we plan a weekend trip to Dubai, Bangkok or Singapore.

I love adventurous activities whenever I am travelling. Depending on the place, I usually explore the area and try to find something interesting to do.

It goes without saying that shopping is an integral part of my weekend. Our gang usually splits between the boys and girls and we go our own way when it comes to shopping.

When I am abroad, I try to watch Broadway shows too. Clubbing at night is something I enjoy with my friends. We like to just chill out at a pub or lounge.

Leisure travelling on weekends with friends usually happens once in four or five months. However, we try to catch up at home at least twice a month. It is difficult to spend time together as my friends are all actors too. I guess that’s one aspect that makes the weekend perfect.

There are days when I don’t catch up with my friends and that’s when I am binge-watching shows on Netflix and Hotstar. I love to lock myself up and complete as many series as I can till I finish watching the whole show.

Right now I am obsessed with ‘American Horror Story’ and I’m already on season five. If I get even a couple of hours off, you will find me watching an episode or two of the show.

I was never a big fan of working out but when I started losing weight and feeling good about myself, it became a routine. But I don’t like to do the
same exercises every day.

I prefer doing functional training, so there’s a mix of climbing, dancing, jumping and more each time I work out. I also combine swimming as part of the exercise, so it doesn’t feel too stressful during the weekends.

Another stressbusting activity that I enjoy is interior decoration. I don’t care if it is my house or my friends’, if I find an empty space in the house, I usually paint something or add something to make the space look beautiful.

A perfect weekend for me is doing things that aren’t stressful, mentally and physically. I like to take it easy, be in my pajamas as long as I can and not take the effort to get ready. The lesser the effort, the better is the weekend.”

(As told to Anila Kurian)

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