Teach children meditation

Teach children meditation

There is much hue and cry about it but no one tries to get to the root of this problem. This seems to be perennial situation of human beings who have imposed morality on themselves.

The imposed morality that has no roots in the being becomes hypocrisy. The clergymen cannot meet their own standards of ethical conduct, and they fall much below the normal. According to me the fall is most natural, in fact it is nature taking its revenge. Their vows of celibacy are based on repressed sex. So they can't fulfil them, so they are defeated by their own nature.

The need is to find a long term solution. Particularly parents rearing their kids have to wake up and think about their little ones. What will happen to them when they will grow up? Will they be part of the same morally corrupt society?

We don't want our next generation to be afflicted by the same disease, do we?  Every parent is anxious that their kids should grow in an unrepressed, natural environment. How to inculcate  good values in them so that they don't grow up as perverts?

Who can guide us?

Osho says,  childhood is the most important phase when life's foundation is laid. See that the foundation is solid, healthy and uncorrupted.  His solution is simple : teach children meditation. The seeds of meditation sown in the formative years will grow as a gorgeous tree with strong branches.

"The first step towards the transformation of sex is to begin meditation in small children -- to coach them to be calm and to keep their own counsel, to teach them to be silent and to enlighten them about the state of no-mind. Although children are already calm and peaceful by adult standards, if they were guided in the right direction and taught to practice reticence and serenity even for a little while each day, a new door would open before they were fourteen years of age."

" Then, when sex rears its head, when the energy wells up and is about to spill over, it would flow through the new door that has already been opened. They would already have realised the serenity, the bliss, the joy, the timelessness of meditation long before the experience of sex. This familiarity would prevent their energy from moving into wrong channels; it would divert it onto the right path."