Prowling the track like a stealthy Jaguar

beautiful Beasts Jaguar's luxury line-up boasts of sedans, an SUV, and even a performance machine. Each car gets into its own when pushed to the limit

Prowling the track like a stealthy Jaguar

With a view to showcase the magic and marvel that its cars weave when driven, Jaguar India had organised the art performance tour near Bengaluru last month, where the company demonstrated its portfolio.

All the variants of the Jaguar vehicles were displayed on the runway at Thaneja Aerospace, Hosur, and the ambience was apt and tailor-made to test the vehicles’ capability at different obstacles.

Under the guidance of experts, we tested the entire range of Jaguar - the XE, XF, and XJ sedans, F-Type sports car, and F-Pace SUV - on specially-designed tracks. However, amidst all the luxurious machines the F-Type was the highlight of the event. We experienced Jaguar’s unique offerings that combine exhilarating performance in a feeling of seductive luxury that truly excites the senses.

Jaguar F-Type

Firstly, we were lucky enough to drive the F-Type sports car along with an instructor beside us.

The two-seater car has a low-sloping windshield, less ground clearance, light weight, steering with good response and goose-bumping engine sound, which were all promising enough to meet your expectation if you intend to hit top speed. Without lifting the accelerator pedal, until the instructor said to slow down, the needle was sweeping across the dial fast, and we reached 235 kmph in 5-10 seconds of time.

Jaguar XE

This was a compact and luxurious sports sedan, which was sharp in turnings. The breaking was fair, when compared to other cars on the same track. The engine response was good, but the distance to check the sudden breaking in the car was less to get accuracy.

Jaguar XF

This is a luxurious business sedan, with extraordinary road grip. The beast tyres were giving extra power to the car as it was not a tough task for the driver to control the vehicle, even when it feels like it is out of control. Besides experiencing this on the wheels, the on-looking promises the capability of the car. The car was also sharp at the turnings with good steering response. However, the passenger was also not strained with the sharp turnings.

Jaguar XJ

This is the most preferred Jaguar cars among Indian buyers. The car looks more attractive from the outside. But one will definitely doubt the capability of the car through different hurdles. However, this sedan was outstanding when compared to the other two, when it was tested on the track. Giving the double comfort for the passengers, the engine response, the sudden break response, the road grip is fabulous on the XJ variant.

Jaguar F-Pace

It’s common for buyers to expect the best deal and value for money from luxury cars. They also expect more, when they are going for the SUV with the same luxury carmaker. The Jaguar F-Pace was the lone SUV of the company on the track. With clear instructions from the instructor, this SUV was perpetually driven vigorously, no wonder the car was excellent and got the thumbs up in all the hurdles as expected. 

With all the above cars, the Jaguar XJ is our pick when compared to the other models. Though the other vehicles were not up to XJ, they did a good job on the track, and match up when it comes to passengers safety.


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