ICC has found the solution to whereabouts clause: Lorgat

ICC has found the solution to whereabouts clause: Lorgat

"We are very close to resolving the issue of the whereabouts clause. It's the only contentious point of the WADA resolve. We have found a solution and hopefully the issue will be resolved," Lorgat said.

"We have got a board meeting coming up next week with the ICC executive board members. We are working closely with all our cricket members. We will present that final proposal to the board-men and hopefully, by next week we should have found a consensus on that particular proposal," he added.

The clause requires cricketers to furnish details of their whereabouts three months in advance to the World Anti-Doping Agency. Players have rejected the WADA code because of this clause, saying it's a violation of their privacy and poses a security threat as well.
Meanwhile, Lorgat asserted that preparations for next year's ODI World Cup in the sub-continent were going according to plans and the Wankhede and the Ferozshah Kotla stadium would be ready on time to stage the multi-national event.

"In terms of preparations for World Cup we are satisfied. Its going according to plans. Wankhede stadium, in particular had issues with one section of the reconstruction. I understand that the issue has now been resolved," Lorgat said."We have been assured that the work will be completed on time. There will be inspections from time to time. I'm sure that the stadium will be completed on time," he added.

The reconstruction at the Wankhede stadium has been mired in controversy after a petitioner challenged it in the Bombay High court stating that that renovation was yet to get clearances under Environment Protection Act and Coastal Regulation Zone rules.
The petitioner further alleged that existing headquarters of the Cricket Board and Indian Premier League (IPL) within the stadium premises too are illegal.

On the Kotla pitch which was termed 'substandard' for Twenty20 cricket by Anil Kumble and Gautam Gambhir recently, Lorgat said the ICC was working with the DDCA to improve the quality of the track.

"The only thing we can do is to work with the DDCA. We have got Andy Atkinson, the ICC pitch consultant, he will work with them over the next few months. It is important that we get the Kotla pitch upto a certain standard as it is an important World Cup venue. So now to the end of the year, we will work with the DDCA to get the pitch upto the required standard," Lorgat said.

Asked whether the ICC was considering any other options in case the Kotla remained unfit, Lorgat said, "It is a bit presumptuous. There is time from now till February next year to get the pitch in good condition."

Lorgat once again ruled out any window for the Indian Premier League stating that there was no such request from the IPL governing body.
"The IPL is a domestic tournament and the FTP is meant for international tours. There is no such provision for the IPL and moreover, there has been no request from the IPL for any such window," he said.

Lorgat blamed the postponement of the Champions Trophy for the organisation of three Twenty20 World Cups in the last four years."We have taken a decision that hence from here onwards, the T20 World Cup will be held once every two years, and the Limited Overs World Cup and the Champions Trophy will be held once every four years," he said.
Lorgat also ruled out any immediate threat to the limited overs format.

"If you just look back at the recent one day series that South Africa played here in India, the first one-dayer had a very close finish, while Sachin (Tendulkar) scored a double hundred in the second. Suddenly people had no doubt about the future of the format," he said.

"We look forward to making small announcements. I think the batting power play has worked very well. There will be certain other small announcements. But I assure you that there is no danger to the game," he added.Lorgat announced a three-year partnership with Hero Honda, which would be the global partner for all major ICC events at least till 2012.

"Hero Honda has been associated with cricket for a very long time. In fact they have been with ICC for many events for a very long time. Finally, they have now become a long term partner," he said.