Nosing towards fun at LEAF

Nosing towards fun at LEAF

Nosing towards fun at LEAF

I had to start with our one minute meditation as soon as I got in, without even counting the noses (the number of people in attendance).

During meditation, I could hear someone blowing her nose several times. Her sobs could be nosed (perceived) even at some distance. As I opened my eyes, I saw Asha's nose so red that it reminded me of  Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer.

It wasn't time to laugh because she was trying hard to control her tears.  "Is everything O.K. Asha?" I asked. "Yes, miss! She is just trying to keep her nose clean (to behave herself)", Usha's reply made everyone roar with laugher that even Asha smiled. To talk about the usage of the word 'nose' was the unanimous choice we all made for that session of LEAF.

"Nose is the center part of the face in humans which is the scenter. It's fun to use this pun" Lasya started. "The clowns use funny noses to make people laugh, especially in circus shows", Srujan's remark made everyone think of those funny noses and laugh.
"Someone here looks down her nose at (looks down upon) those who are poorer."  
"Someone turns up her nose at (to regard with contempt) those who don't make 100's on tests and exams," it was Asha who snapped back.

"I know I was wrong and I did apologize about it. You don't have to rub my nose in (tease me about) it. In fact, all this wouldn't have happened if you weren't nosy(prying)  about me. Keep your nose out of (Do not interfere with) my business."

I could see the tempers flaring. I had to hold my nose (control my feelings of distaste) when all this was happening right under my very nose (right in front of me). 

I followed my nose (guided by my instinct) to start these free sessions of L.E.A.F. At times like this, I feel that if they had to pay through their noses (an expensive fee) for this class, they wouldn't be wasting their time like this.

 Well, I knew it was time that I helped the situation either by leading them by the nose (exercising complete control over them) or by lightening the situation with a joke.  
"Does any one know a funny story about nose?" Before even I could complete my question, Ram started narrating the incident of Lakshman cutting the nose of Surpanakha, the sister of the demon king Ravana. Well, it's as plain as the nose on your face (very obvious) that it didn't change anyone's moods.

Anyway, I decided to narrate Tenali Ramakrishna's story to cheer them all up.  When Goddess Kalika appeared in front of him and asked him what boon would he like, Tenali Rama laughed.

It naturally put her nose(s) out of joint (irritated her) and she asked for an explanation.  
Apparantly, Goddess Kalika had appeared with 108 faces and 8 arms in front of Tenali Rama. Tenali Rama replied that when he has a cold, he needs both his hands to clear his nose.

Imagining Kalika maata catching cold and struggling to clear those many noses with so few hands made him laugh! We all know that he was blessed with the wisdom of  knowledge tempered with a humourous wit ('vikatakavi').

"Miss! Can we have a story of Tenali Rama every class?" was a request in chorus from all the students.

 "Sure! Also, you need to put your nose to the grindstone (work hard and steadily) to find out other usages of the word 'nose' before next session",  I gave their homework. Tenali Rama's story succeeded in nosing (moving) the whole class towards laughter; it was FUN.

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