No remake, only 'swamake'

No remake, only 'swamake'

No remake, only 'swamake'

involved Sudeep

Even before the shoot began, there was a lot of confusion. Says director Narayan, “Initially, when I had signed Sudeep we had decided to work on a remake but then Sudeep suggested that we do a ‘swamake’.” Agreeing to this Sudeep says the thought of a remake with a director like Narayan just didn’t seem right. “This is the first time we are working together and I thought that a ‘swamake’ is a better way to go,” added Sudeep.

But the entire cast and crew are keeping the story secret. The only hint that one could get is that Sudeep’s  character in the film idolises Ambareesh’s character.

Ambareesh, on the other hand, felt that the part wouldn’t suit him but it was Narayan, who convinced him to sign the film.

“I am looking forward to the shoot of the film. Let’s see how things turn out in the end,” he added.

Another interesting entrant to the team is director Vijaylakshmi Singh. Only this time she won’t be directing but playing a role in the movie.

“At first when Narayan offered me the role, I thought he was joking and didn’t believe him. He said that he couldn’t think of anyone else but me in the part. So here I am, as I couldn’t say no to him. I have complete faith in him and hopefully it will be fun to be directed by him.”

After the slapgate incident on the sets of Nooru Janmaku, actress Aindrita Ray has become very careful about the kind of people she wants to works with. Talking about Veera Parampare, she says she wanted to sign a film opposite good actors and of great banners. “Since S Narayan and Sudeep are among the big names in  Sandalwood, I had no second thoughts,” she says.

The shoot has started in Belgaum and later on the cast and the crew will move to
other parts of the State.