Motivate yourself to study

Motivate yourself to study

Motivate yourself to study

Dear Madam,  

I am currently studying BCom. I take my own time to understand Accountancy and Business Taxation as I get confused with numbers and dates. I entered into the field of commerce because of my friend. I am an average student and am extremely lethargic in particular things, one of them being studying. I want to become successful but don't know how. Though I have now made the decision to become a lawyer, I lack motivation to study my current subjects. Now, I have started doubting my decision. Please guide.

A Student


Dear Student,

It may be helpful for you to take the help of a career counsellor to understand your interests and aptitude and map them onto a career and a path forward. Once you decide on the path, you can plan the milestones you need to cross at each stage to go down that path. Remember, the destination and end-goal is not the only thing that is important. The journey is also equally important and has a role to play.

Don't focus only on the destination, but give equal emphasis to the journey. Just as there are often many paths to reaching the same destination, so also in life. And if at some stage you take a wrong turn, you can retrace your path and find your way again. You may lose some time, but that is not the disastrous kind of consequence we often make it out to be. So enjoy the journey as you find your path. Good luck!


Dear Madam,

My son is studying in Class 7. Until Class 4, he was studying in a Kannada medium school. Due to language barrier, he is not studying as much and is not taking interest in his studies. Recently, someone suggested him to by heart the question-answers. The person said that this practice makes the child interested in the subject and his language will improve. However, he is unable to do that too. How can we support our son to become better in studies? Please suggest a way.

A Parent

Dear Parent,

Do not focus on the marks as being the end result and end goal that you need to achieve. Get him additional help in English if that is what he needs. Help him master his language skills because without that he will find it more difficult going forward. Speak to him in English and encourage him to speak in English. Do not worry about messing up some exams right now. These exams are not important. The learning is more important. Learning things by heart is neither going to help him learn the language, nor the subject? So, if the language is what is affecting him, please address that with some good supportive additional help which will help him gain confidence in that area. All the best.

Dear Madam,  

I am a student of Class 11. Recently, I've lost my interest in studying and as a result, I am unable to concentrate. I want to study hard and see my parents feel good about me. I would also like to pursue a career in music in the future. However, for this to happen, I need to score well in Class 12. Please guide.


Dear SS,

Please remember that people will reflect back to you what you feel about yourself. For your parents to feel good about you, you need to first feel good about yourself. And you don't need to achieve success and do something to keep your parents happy. You need to do it for yourself, to keep yourself happy. And if you are happy, your parents will eventually be happy.

You need to put in your effort towards achieving what you would like to achieve, but remember no success will come without effort.

Even if others support you, the effort has to be yours. So identify what you want to do, chart your path, mark your milestones along the way, and then go down that path one step at a time.

Once you are able to do this you will find people who will support you. Don't let others define your path, define it yourself and then go full-steam ahead to achieve it. Good luck!

Dear Madam,  

I am a Class 10 student. Often, I find it difficult to concentrate on the tasks on hand and get easily distracted. As a result, my studies are getting hampered. With my Board exams coming up in a few months, kindly guide as to how I can overcome this and optimise the time that I have in hand.  


Dear Sneha,

Try and understand what is distracting you and why. Is it something you are more interested in? Or is it your fear and anxiety about the exams that is not allowing you to focus. If you are getting distracted, make sure you are doing whatever is within your control to cut out the distractions, like keeping your mobile phone switched off, or in an inaccessible place while you are studying.

While these technological devices have their advantages, it is well researched now that they are proving to be distractions and are not allowing people to focus on the task at hand. Also try and identify what your motivation to study is. Identify whether you have something to gain from it, or whether you are just doing it to keep your parents happy and look good before others.

Unfortunately, if our motivation is external, it is that much harder to find it.

Also identify what study techniques work best for you and help you focus. Does it help to study in a quiet place? Does it help you to make short notes while you are studying? Does it help you to supplement the topic of your study by watching a short video on the topic as well (make sure that if you are doing this, you don't get caught up in the other distractions the device can offer you)?

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