In memory of great violinist

In memory of great violinist

In memory of great violinist

Chowdiah was a renowned violinist and inventor of 7-stringed violin and also a great teacher. In his memory the Academy of Music has built a historical auditorium in the shape of a violin. In memory of K K Murthy, the Academy conducts a music festival every year and an award has also been instituted in the name of Chowdiah. In this year's music festival (Nov 1 to 5) the Chowdiah Award was conferred on Pandit Praveen Godkhindi, popular Hindustani flautist.

Dr Jayanthi Kumaresh, popular Veena player, gave a recital on Thursday. The "Parvati Kumaram Bhavaye Satatam" of Muthuswami Dikshitar in the raga Natakuranji, gave her a sunny start. Then she sprang a surprise by chosing a infrequent raga Rasali. The sweet raga is known as 'Eka Kriti raga', followed by Tyagaraja's "Aparadhamula Norva". Then came another raga tuneful and fond of many connoisseurs - Amritavarshini and the familiar kruthi "Anandamritakarshini", which was pleasing throughout.

The finale came in the form of a pallavi in the raga Kharaharapriya. Though it is a commonly heard raga on the concert stage, Kharaharapriya acquired a lively colour, new shape and flavour in the hands of Jayanthi. It was further buttressed through the well-knit thana. The pallavi was followed by a spirited "Thani" by the percussionists - Anantha R Krishnan on mridanga, Trichy Krishnaswamy on ghata and Pramath Kiran on both tabala and morching. Jayanthi concluded her impactful concert with a thillana in Mand raga and a mangala of Syama Sastri.

Bright vocalist

The 914th programme of Bangalore Lalithakala Parishat was a vocal recital by K V Krishnaprasad. He is a disciple of R K Padmanabha of Sharada Kala Kendra and is decidedly resourceful filling a wide variety of roles with ease and conviction. He is establishing not only as a performer, but also as a teacher and organiser. In the current concert he was well supported by Adithi on violin and Chethan Murthy on mridanga.

In the beginning, Krishnaprasad chanted verses on Saraswathi and Vadiraja, customarily. The Sri Raga varna and "Mahaganapathim Bhajeham" gave a lilting setting. He presented few devotionals such as "Srimannarayana," "Aadadella Olithe Aayithu," "Thamburi Meetidava" and Ugabhogas like Kaava Daivavu Neene, which suited the occasion. "Marugelara" was rendered with nostalgic flavour. Kannada Gowla is a pleasing raga, a 'Shadava' raga and both Tyagaraja and Dikshitar have composed in this raga.

Krishnaprasad's rendering of Kannada Gowla was charming, sustained with a flurry of lovely phrases. He elaborated Pantuvarali neatly for the familiar keertane "Raghuvara" in which nerval (Manasuna Nikemarulu) and swaraprasthara - were complementary to the raga. He concluded his lively concert with a thillana and mangala. No doubt, K V Krishnaprasad has a bright future in the years to come.


Sparkling presentation

Naada Surabhi is catering to the cultural needs of the Koramangala and surrounding areas from last 24 years, by conducting music programmes. The 25th anniversary was held wih a with a six-day music festival, last week.

Sanjay Subramanian who gave a vocal recital on Wednesday, is one of most sought after musicians. "Inthachala," the Kambodhi varna gave steady start and "Karikalabhava Nutham" in Saveri was another fine selection, followed by "Sri Parvathi Parama" and "Kande Kande Swamiya." A popular kruthi of yester years "Entha Veduko" brought nostalgic memories in the old timers. Audience had another surprise - a pleasant surprise, in the elaboration of Chaya Ranjini. The raga glowed with lilting 'sangathies' in the melodious and striking voice of Sanjay. The brisk thana further added to the impact.

S Varadarajan on violin, Neyveli Venkatesh on mridanga and Guru Prasanna on khanjari - rose to great heights in their supporting roles.



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