Living in the lap of luxury

Living in the lap of luxury

Would you pay Rs 30,00,00,000 to house your car? I suppose it would depend on what your car is worth and how much it means to you. A Canadian developer is banking on the very rich spending that kind of money for a luxury car building near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver is fast becoming the 'Luxury Car Capital' of the world.

It appears there are enough interested people to warrant the project since about 80% of the units have already been sold. Construction of this pricey Garage is slated for completion by 2019, according to a spokesperson for the developer.

The base units are about 1,000 square feet and start at Canadian $600,000 with no added furnishings. But there are also 25,000 square feet units that include a mezzanine and decor themes. Owners can pay more to design their luxury garages, to reflect their own unique style. They can also choose from pre-designed interior packages. The Marinello package will allow drivers to store their luxury cars in double-width units next to furniture designed by an international chain.

The two-storey project is slated to be built in a neighbourhood of Vancouver's suburb of Richmond, which is home to Chinese Canadians. There are 45 units in total for sale and there will also be space for car-related storefronts on the ground floor.

Not everybody is so charitable though. Another reaction was, "We really are turning into a playground for the international elite, for a lot of very wealthy people."