Organic cosmetics prepared from areca nut set to be launched

Organic cosmetics prepared from areca nut set to be launched

Organic cosmetics prepared from areca nut set to be launched

Nivedan Nempe, a young researcher and entrepreneur who is known for his invention Areca Tea, is now all set to launch a range of organic cosmetic products prepared from area nut.

Nivedan, 30, told DH  from Mandagadde of Shivamogga district, said they are introducing bathing range products.  "The objective is to make areca nut a multipurpose entity, thereby bringing a ray of hope among areca growers who are currently perplexed due to a disappointing market for the crop and other related factors. Therefore, efforts are being done to increase the possibilities of value addition in areca nut through organic ways so that it will be a win-win situation for the growers as well as the consumers."

Areca Tea

He said  Areca Tea, launched in January 2016, has become a popular brand and has received  well in India and abroad. The product is being exported to West Indies, Russia, Gulf countries, parts of the UK and also Australia. Areca Tea is currently featured in various flavours such as mint, ginger, lemon and tulsi, he claimed.  

Nivedan is a recipient of the Make In India Excellency Award, instituted by All India Technical Management Council, Government of India, for the Innovative product of the year in 2015-16.

Nivedan, after completing postgraduation in Manufacturing and Management Technology from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, joined the pharmaceutical industry. But, he quit the high-paying job and returned to his native place to conduct research on areca nut and other crops  for the betterment of farming community.  "The support from the farming community has been immense and it has inspired  me  to make more contributions to farmers," he added.  

Other products

Apart from 'Areca Tea', he has come up with paper fresheners made from areca nut husks.

Nivedan said that the product is leading well in the market, with a great demand for customised paper fresheners from various organisations and film industry. The profit from the sale of paper fresheners is contributed to the Indian Army Welfare Fund, he added.  

Nivedan has also applied for a  patent for a value-added product prepared out of sugarcane, which will be a
lifesaver for sugarcane growers too.