KERC lifts price bar for power purchase

KERC lifts price bar for power purchase

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, KERC chairman M R Sreenivasamurthy said the decision was taken after a review meeting with K Jairaj, Additional Chief Secretary, Energy Department, Latha Krishna Rao MD, Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited and Managing Directors of all the Electricity Supply Companies (Escoms). The decision was related to procurement of 750 MW of power for the next
two months.

Pointing out that the failure to make capacity addition over the years and the poor management of the system has led to the present crisis, he said that the Commission has directed the escoms to adopt Demand Side management (DSM) and Energy Efficiency (EE) measures.

“At least 400 MW of power can be saved if the government implements just two of several measures we have recommended - promotion of solar water heater and florescent lamps - ” he said. Sreenivasamurthy also said the escoms have been directed to formulate a detailed monthwise programme for implementing DSM measures.

Demand and availability

To meet the shortfalls for the next years, the escoms and KPTCL have been directed to furnish the projections relating to the estimated availability from generating stations and the monthly demand and the action proposed to meet the projected shortfall if any.

The Commission has also suggested for talukwise feeders segregations during the year 2010-2011 and metering of the distribution transformers centres (DTCs) to undertake energy audit to assess technical losses and identify theft before December 31.

When questioned about the demand, Sreenivasamurthy said that the demand was about seven per cent more during the month of January, February and March and the same was about 10 per cent during the month of April and May.

When questioned whether the co-generation units which are mixing coal with bagasse are still entitled to get subsidies and special status, the Commission said that the deviation for short period has to be taken note of.