For a flying start

For a flying start

For a flying start

An increasingly common sight in Bengaluru is ambulances stuck in traffic for hours together. In such a scenario Mayor R Sampath Raj had announced a proposal to create one helipad in each of the eight BBMP zones. Some Bengalureans spelt out their thoughts on this proposal to 'Metrolife'.  

 Akshay Kamath, finance executive.

"I was very vocal about the need of helipads on the social media when a traffic block caused by a politician's convoy lead to  an ambulance  being held up, a few months ago. Not only designated helipads, but also all the helipads on tall buildings should be used for medical emergencies. There should be a facility to efficiently transport patients to the nearest hospital so that no time is wasted."    

 Banu Prakash, process excellence consultant.

"Helipads are not a luxury and  should be considered a necessity now. With the increasing number of vehicles on the roads, it is high time that helipads are introduced.  For  the trial and test stage, eight helipads are a good number to start with, but it should increase once the concept clicks.  For helipads to be accessible for people, the service's cost would also matter. These should be located across the city and not just restricted to the CBD."

 Ayan Mozumdar, general manager (operations)

"I would like to look at it from another point of view. While it is good that the government is thinking of doing  something to address  medical emergencies, how affordable is this for the common man? How close would these helipads be to the hospitals? Why can't we look into providing better and more affordable healthcare to everyone? At present, the government needs to  work on other things like marked and independent corridors for ambulances and  awareness campaigns to make  motorists in the city more sensitive."    

 Narendra K, manager (operations) with a hospital.

"With the city's current traffic situation, we need  every possible option to  tackle medical emergencies. Helipads can help save time while shifting patients. Anything that can help address a medical situation during the  'golden time' should be considered a  must  for the medical industry. The helipads need to be planned depending on the location and traffic density. Roads like Bannerghatta Road house many hospitals but are choc-a-bloc all the time."