Hunger-free state Cong priority:CM

Hunger-free state Cong priority:CM

Hunger-free state Cong priority:CM

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the Congress government in the state prioritises the concept of hunger-free state as against the agenda of the BJP to make the state Congress-free.

Speaking after inaugurating the 200-bed Koosamma Shambhu Shetty Memorial Haji Abdullah Maternity and Children Hospital, the chief minister said that Congress, unlike BJP, is not into superficial agenda of uprooting something that has a great legacy. Instead, the Congress and the government's sole motto would be ensuring two square meals to all hungry stomachs. In the state, there would be 500 Indira canteens to offer food at cheaper price by January 1 and approximately each canteen would be in the propionate for one lakh population. He said that the purpose of setting up of Indira canteens is to ensure that the poor don't struggle out of hunger.

He also said the Opposition should be ashamed of itself to be in the illusion of making the state Congress-free. The Congress is emerging the most powerful party with its pro-poor and people-friendly agenda. It has the support from poor, labourers, women, farmers and all the downtrodden sections in society.

Maintaining that the Congress-led state government is concerned about providing infrastructure, the chief minister said that the government is committed to providing drinking water, health and educational facilities.

Declaring that Udupi district is acclaimed with being an open defecation-free district, the chief minister said that the state is on the verge of adorning the status of an open defecation-free state. By October 2, 2018, the state would be free of open defecation. Udupi was already declared open defecation free in 2016-17 due to the rural areas achieving the credit. However, the present achievement includes whole of the district comprising the urban areas.

'Change minds'

Heavily coming down on the Parivartana rally initiated by the BJP, the chief minister said Parivartana (changes) should take place in the minds of people who organised the rally. The people who create hatred among castes and religions and gain benefits out the fight are not eligible to organise such rallies. Humanitarian values should be inculcated among BJP leaders and members, which is an essential part of Parivartana rally, he censured.

Asserting that the birth centenary celebrations of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is the symbolic representation of the party's efforts to reach out to the poor and downtrodden, the chief minister said that the late prime minister was a revolutionist who introduced incredible changes in the political system of the country.

He inaugurated four Indira canteens in the district on the occasion of 100th birth day celebrations of the late Prime Minister.

Siddaramaiah also assured that the hospital which is being inaugurated would be completely dedicated for free service to the poor. The treatment charges are waived off and quality health care facilities are offered to the poor patients who cannot afford the one. There is no privatisation of the hospital as alleged by one section of the society. It would always remain a government hospital no matter whatsoever, he reiterated.