'People call me a livewire'

'People call me a livewire'

'People call me a livewire'

Actor Harshika Poonacha is overwhelmed with the feedback she has been getting from her fans, friends and family for her cameo in the just released, 'Upendra Mathe Baa'. Her small but significant role has added a lot of colour to the movie.

The way the actor has modulated her voice and tweaked her body language is something to watch out for. Harshika also feels that acting with Upendra has changed her perspective towards filmmaking and her approach to the script and characters. In an interview Harshika talks about her role and more.

How is the response for your role in 'Upendra Mathe Baa'?

It is a cameo but I am happy that genuine film lovers who have watched the film seem to have loved my character and were able to connect with it. I have been flooded with messages from my fans on Twitter, Instagram and a few social networking sites telling me how much they loved my character.

What was the best part of working on this project?

I had to change my voice to sound flirty yet cute. My body language too had to be changed to suit the role. There is a scene in the film where I recite a poetry, proclaiming my feelings for the man I love. I enjoyed playing this part because this is something that I
have never attempted before.

On working with Upendra....

Upendra is a wonderful human being and a great co-star. In fact, he taught me how to emote some of the scenes and gave me the confidence to carry it off. This was just a cameo but I want to work again with him in a full-fledged film.

What is your next project?

I play the title role in 'Chitte' and I go by the character name of Sona. I have two-shades in the film. One is that of an innocent girl and the other is a total contrast.

How was your experience of working in 'Chitte'?

I thoroughly enjoyed portraying these two shades. I have played tough roles and portrayed dark characters in the past. The tougher the role, the better it is.

You have also been fortunate to play several title roles. Tell us about it?

Yes I have. It is prestigious to bag title roles but that comes with a lot of responsibility.

What you do like about yourself?

People call me a livewire and I quite agree with that, because I don't get bogged down by anything that easily.

What's in the pipeline?

I am working on a Malayalam project called 'Charminar'. Here again, I play two contrasting characters. In one shade, I portray the character of a geeky girl and in the other, I play a supermodel.

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