'50-over game on its way out'

'50-over game on its way out'

It has been feared that big bucks, instant fame and other attractions of life will drive the young cricketers away from the old-world charm of Test cricket, but Kevin Pietersen thinks that the Gen Next is still keen to play Test matches.

“You can see a lot of players in this country who play six weeks and earn hundred thousand dollars. They really don't have to play throughout the year. They can go back and support their families. But I still think those youngsters really want to play Test cricket. The Virat Kohlis, the Suresh Rainas... these kind of guys look pretty tough on a cricket field,” the England batsman said.

Stating that IPL could be a good learning curve for youngsters, Pietersen cited the Jaipur incident, when he shouted at Virat Kohli after his run-out dismissal in the game against Rajasthan Royals, as a case in point.

“That was a bit of learning curve for Virat. When you are the man in, the partner has to sacrifice his wicket and let the other man carry on. If you look at the points table, there are quite a few teams on 14 points. So the run rate was important that day. Later, I kept an arm around him and said this is the reason why I shouted at you a little too loudly.”

Pietersen is known be one who keeps to himself but when it comes to recognising the talent around him that aloofness was untraceable. “I see good future in Virat, Robin and Vinay. Virat has come a long way in the last couple of years especially with the short ball. Robin is ridiculously talented and Vinay is one of the hardest working guys. I like Rohit Sharma as he reminds me of Laxman."

On the evolution of Tests and ODIs in the post T20 era, Pietersen said, “I think one-day cricket probably is on its way out. It’s because everybody wants everything shorter, quicker and faster. As a player, I want to play T20. I can't play the 50-over game. It is a long session on the field and it is quite painful sometimes.

“One thing I don't want to happen in Test cricket is pink ball and day/night version.”