Prez, PM call for harmony on Constitution Day

Prez, PM call for harmony on Constitution Day

Prez, PM call for harmony on Constitution Day

President Ram Nath Kovind on Sunday called for "sobriety and discretion" in communication between the three branches of the state  - the judiciary, legislature and executive.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his 'Maan ki Baat' that citizens and the administration must work in accordance with the Constitution and the message it conveys is that "no one should be harmed in any way."

His statement was seen in the backdrop of the controversy relating to Padmavati and cases of vigilantism.

"It is our duty that we abide by our Constitution in letter and spirit," the prime minister said.

Kovind said all branches of the states should be careful not to disturb the fraternity of the separation of powers by even unknowingly intruding into the domain of the two other branches.

"It is critical to keep this intricate and delicate balance in mind when exploring the relationship between the three branches. They are all equal. They should all be conscious of their liberty and strive to protect their autonomy," the President said.

The President was inaugurating the Constitution Day celebrations, organised by the Supreme Court to mark the anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution on November 26, 1949.

"Sobriety and discretion in communication between the three branches is also extremely advisable. This will promote and enhance fraternity between three equal branches of the state, all of which have a certain responsibility to the Constitution," he said.

The President also said the Constitution is not just an abstract ideal. "It has to be made meaningful to the lives of ordinary people in every street, every village and every mohalla of our country. It has to somehow connect with their everyday existence and make it more comfortable."

Kovind reminded everyone that "at the heart of the constitutional project was trust  - trust in each other, trust between institutions, trust in the goodness of fellow citizens and trust in the wisdom of future generations. This sense of trust is inherent in constitutional governance."

When the government trusts citizens to attest their documents themselves, it is in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution, he said.

"When the Union government trusts state governments by devolving financial powers to them, and taking ahead the mission of cooperative federalism, then too we are working in the spirit of the Constitution," Kovind said.

The President said the Constitution framers realised that a Constitution "no matter how well written and how detailed, would have little meaning without the right people to implement it and to live by its values."

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