Panel seeks transparency in court proceedings

Panel seeks transparency in court proceedings

Advocate Balraj Singh Malik, on behalf of People’s Lawyers Forum, in a representation to the Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan, said: “Particularly on Mondays and Fridays, the courts in the Supreme Court are full.

“Most of the time, advocates who are arguing/appearing are unable to hear honourable judges of the Supreme Court. Also, the people (litigants) in the visitors lobby cannot hear and see their advocates.”

The representation also requested judges to switch on the microphones in the court rooms.
The advocate, who mentioned the matter before a bench headed by Justice S H Kapadia on Friday, said the practice of not using microphone weakens the faith of people in the judiciary.

Justifying his arguments, the advocate said  voices and faces of the arguing advocates and the judges must be seen to each of those present, including litigants, in the court room.
Young lawyers are groomed by listening to the arguments of senior lawyers, but when they are not audible, the very purpose is defeated, he said.

Advocate Malik also suggested installing  display boards outside the high-security zones on the Supreme Court premises, enabling lawyers and litigants to follow the proceedings of each court.