White Doves to stage 2017 year old fact in a mobile act

White Doves to stage 2017 year old fact in a mobile act

White Doves, an NGO will stage "the 2017-year-old fact in a mobile act" in song and act on December 1, 2 and 3 in Bantwal, Shirva and Mangaluru.

Addressing media persons here on Wednesday, White Doves Manager Jerald Fernandes said that the act will be a part of the Annual Christmas Mobile street shows. The mobile show will be performed at Loretto Church Grounds, Bantwal, on December 1 at 6.30 pm; Lady of Health Church Grounds, Shirva, on December 2 at 6.30 pm; at Nehru Maidan, on December 3 at 5 pm; and at St Agnes Special School Grounds, at 8 pm.

The show will be performed on trailer trucks and the stage will measure over 120 feet. 150 actors, singers, musicians, dancers, technical and stage managers will be part of the show of two hours duration.

300 shows have been successfully staged during the last 22 years, Jerald said.

The NGO founded by Corrine Rasquinha in 1990, is devoted to the service of the destitute and mentally challenged.

Over 507 destitute and mentally challenged were sheltered and recovered, and 135 have been rehabilitated by the NGO over the years, in the homes meant for them at Matadakani, Kulashekhar and Jail road in Mangaluru.