'What bomb, it doesn't matter'

'What bomb,  it doesn't matter'

Intense talk: Vijay Mallya and Neeta Ambani.

Was it some mischief monger or someone who wanted to play the Grim Reaper of Death with an intention to frighten people into creating a stampede. There were speculations of all kinds flying back and forth throughout the stadium. However, the two bombs that exploded, before the match began – one planted in a tree nearer Anil Kumble Circle and another at Gate 12 of the stadium didn’t deter, forget scare, the thousands who were walking up to the stadium.

The match went on while the police and the bomb squad worked over time to detect and defuse the third bomb at Gate no 8 which was was timed to go off at 8 pm when the match would have ended.

Once inside, people seemed to be in a different world altogether. There was not a streak of fright or tension on the faces of people who were more bothered about catching the match in time and getting a glimpse of Sachin Tendulkar rather than care for their own lives. After having paid a bomb to watch the game, they appeared unfazed by the crude bombs and were confident that nothing would happen in Bangalore City.

As the cops defused four low intensity bombs, they were all tight-lipped about it.
Metrolife volunteered information about the bomb blast to the people in the stadium and the possibility of detecting more bombs within the stadium but that didn’t seem to worry them at all. They cared less and were under the false notion that bombs had gone off outside and that it was safe within. “We just heard that a cylinder blast had taken place at the far end of the stadium. We didn’t know it was a bomb. But we’re here to watch the match and I don’t think a bomb scare would stop us from watching the match,” said Mrs Nandakumar, an employee with Jindal. Swetha G, an interior designer said, “Nothing matters. I have struggled to get the tickets and how would I go back without watching the match.” Swetha was restlessly trying to call her husband before rushing in for the match.

Tickets were bought and sold at the last minute and after “having paid through your nose why would a bomb explosion prevent me from watching the match. I have booked these tickets well in advance and I am excited about the match,” said Anitha Saxena, an employee. K Vikas, an employee of HP says, “I am eager to see Sachin in flesh and blood. I am a big fan of his and I am sure Bangalore is a safe place so there’s nothing to worry.”

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