Ready to rock

Ready to rock

He wants to work on films that will be remembered  and doesn't mind being labelled choosy. Actor Sriimurali, who is back to entertain Kannada movie lovers with his latest release 'Mufti', hopes the film will impress one and all with his action-packed performance. In a candid  chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about the movie and more.  

You're back on the silver screen after a while. How do you feel?

There's a lot of excitement and tension in the air.  My emotions are as varied as a rainbow. One moment, I am  rubbing my hands together with excitement and at other times, I go blank thinking about how the movie will work with the audience.    

How do you prepare yourself for the  release day?

I don't do much. I try to spend good quality time with my family as they have always kept me grounded. I try to stay calm and focussed and don't let any negative thoughts seep in.  I go on a 'switch off' mode and stay indoors before a movie release.

Is it a conscious decision to take things slow?

While I wanted to finish 'Mufti' fast and wanted it to release sooner, I do  not believe in cribbing. That can only bring in negative thoughts.  I am choosy with my movies though.  I like taking things slow. I am not a quick learner and I'm not a quick decision-maker either. When I am working with a new team, I like to take time as I want things to be smooth on the sets.

This is your first film with Shivarajkumar. How special is that feeling?

Working with  Shivarajkumar is a dream come true. My brother had worked with him and I have always wondered if I would ever get a chance to do so. I always wanted to do a movie which will make a big impact and I feel lucky that it is happening with Shivanna.  

What is your chemistry with him?    

Though we are  relatives, those sentiments have nothing to do when it comes to work. We are two professionals. We always knew that  on the sets we were just actors and nothing more. He is a fun-loving person, calm and dedicated to whatever he does. He is one of the most inspiring and influential people one can work with.  

Has the movie been the hot topic in the family?

Why just family, 'Mufti' is the topic of discussion everywhere I turn my head to! From my uncles to younger cousins, everyone has been  talking about it.

What according to you are the strong points of the movie?

The visuals are unique, the characterisation is fresh and the genre we have explored, will hopefully take Kannada film industry to greater heights.  

Tell us about an interesting moment from the sets.

In a particular scene, I had to jump off a moving train. I  remember telling myself, 'Ah! That's not a big deal'. After the scene, I realised that I would have gone under the train. I quickly got up and asked for a retake and everyone was stunned and worried if I was okay. I insisted on reshooting  the scene and the vigour I had at that point cannot be explained. It was after I saw the scene on the monitor that I thought about my family and how risky the scene was actually.

Now that 'Mufti' is out, what more do you want to explore?

I want to work in an epic or historical movie. Though I do not restrict myself to genres, I just want to keep doing good movies.  

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