Engaging undercover drama

Engaging undercover drama

It's his directorial debut and Narthan plays safe. His Mufti treads the familiar path where violence and vendetta form the core. He seeks to show how greed, duty, et al, turn men into mean monsters, where bloodletting and body counts are the calling cards.

A dreaded don in Ranapura spreads fear among people. As goes the film's title, a cop goes undercover to infiltrate into the don's den. How the cop, along with his Man Friday, takes on criminals, mimicking their modus operandi, is what Mufti is all about.  

Emphasising more on stylishly presenting the gory drama, Narthan turns the movie into a derring-do drama, where brain and brawn battle out as the cop and criminals seek to outwit each other.  

Supported by good cinematography and background score, Narthan ensures his debutant fare has the feel and touch of Hollywood.

Full of crowd-pulling masala, Mufti sees Shivarajkumar and Sri Murali take centre stage in tandem, wowing their fan base. The two bring in chutzpah to their roles, eliciting whistles from audiences.  

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