Their best foot forward

Their best foot forward

This photograph was taken in 2010 at a park near food street in Sajjan Rao Circle.

It has, along with me, Mridula Rao, Priyanka Chandrashekar, Neha Nath, Rohini Prabhath and Divya Ravi. We are a part of the Abhinava Dance Company and this picture was taken just before a performance.

Most of us were still in college when this picture was taken. I was doing my first year BCom at Christ College.

While on stage, we are all performers and disciplined, off stage, we make sure that we have a lot of fun.

All my friends in the picture are passionate about dance and have performed as a group at several venues across the country and abroad. We still do.

We are also big foodies and look forward to travelling together. We make it a point to relish the food speciality of the city that we are performing in.

Our trips are also never complete without shopping.

I share a special bond with every single person in this picture. Mridula is the senior most dancer of the troupe. She taught me and now we perform together.

Priyanka is a college mate and we bond a lot over dance. Neha is also another college mate. All my gossip sessions are with her.

Rohini is the youngest of the lot and a good decision-maker.

Divya is a talented solo artist who beautifully balances her career and dance. All of us get along very well not only because we perform together, but also because our wavelengths match.

We learn a lot from each other and continue to contribute to each other's growth as dancers.

I began dancing when I was barely four and have performed with several established dance troupes, before I joined Abhinava Dance Company.

I did my schooling at Innisfree House School and went on to do my Pre University course in Jain College, V V Puram. I later joined Christ College to complete my degree.

Back in college, I had a few favourite hangouts. My friends and I continue to go there even to this day.

I used to frequent the places in and around Lalbagh and VV Puram. I greatly enjoyed hanging
out at the food street near Sajjan Rao Circle. I was also a regular at 'Kadlekai Parishe' and continue to go there even to this day.

Getting back to this picture, it is a perfect reminder of all the fun we have off stage and of our special bonding.  


Ragini Chandran

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