Park inside CMC to get a facelift

Park inside CMC to get a facelift

 Finally, CMC has decided to give a facelift. CMC is developing the park at an estimated cost of Rs 6.5 lakh under 12th Finance Commission.

The work on the development of the park will be completed within a month. On the model of ‘mist fountain’ installed for Cauvery statue in front of Cauvery Bhavana in Bangalore, the CMC has come forward to install ‘mist fountain’ in the park.

In front of the mist fountain, water will be made to flow like a falls. 10 benches will be installed for the public to sit in the park.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, CMC President P D Ponnappa and Commissioner K Srikanthrao said “joggers track will also be laid in the park. Lights will be installed in the park. At the same time, music system will be installed which will air light music for the music lovers.”  The park will get a new lease of life within 15 to 20 days. Henceforth, the people of Madikeri can go around the park and enjoy it.

CMC has also decided to develop other parks in the future.  Under Chief Minister’s Small and Medium Town Development project, CMC has earmarked Rs 40 lakh towards the development of parks, said Commissioner.

In the meantime, Mahindra Club has come forward to develop Nehru Mantapa park as an alternative to Rajaseat. The Nehru Mantapa is in deplorable condition. CMC has decided to hand over the work on installing fence around Nehru Mantapa, along with providing electricity connection to Mahindra Club. Mahinda Club will develop Nehru Mantapa and maintain it, he added.

Commissioner said CMC has decided to install high mast lamp at Sudarshan Circle and install mist fountain in the circle.