Change in name will not affect alumni, say deemed varsities

If students want, we will give letter explaining name change: Manipal, KLE

Change in name will not affect alumni, say deemed varsities

Following a Supreme Court order and directive from the University Grants Commission (UGC), deemed-to-be universities in the country had to drop the word 'University' from their names.

Five deemed-to-be universities in Karnataka were affected by the directive and former students were left wondering if it would have any affect on them.

Dr Narayana Sabhahit, Registrar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), formerly known as Manipal University, said that the change would not affect alumni who received their degree under the former name.  

He said they would provide a letter explaining the name change, if students required it when applying for jobs or higher education.

"We will give a letter quoting the Supreme Court directive and the the UGC letter. Students will not face any problems because changes in names of universities do happen," he said. Usually, recruiters contact them directly seeking a clarification and the institution will provide supporting documents, Dr Sabhahit said.

Until 2006, Manipal University was known as MAHE and some courses, including medical and dental, were still under that name in the UGC record, he said.

He expressed confidence that the name change would not affect the brand name of the institution, more so because they are well known by the name MAHE, too.

The institution attracts a large number of international students, so there may be a little confusion at first about the name change, Dr Sabhahit said.

"We have already changed the name on the website and we have given an explanation for it, too. People will understand. Ultimately, it is the quality of education that matters," Sabhahit said.

Similarly, KLE University has changed its name to KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research. Vice-Chancellor Dr Vivek A Saoji said, "The change is prospective. For degrees which were issued earlier, if it comes to credentials, the university will give clarification. Earlier also, when there was a need we have given such clarification. We will be in a position to verify that the change was because of a directive. The course, curriculum, degree requirements, and other things remain the same."

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