'One should do dignified flops'

'One should do dignified flops'

Actor Arshad Warsi hasn't had it easy. He has done all kinds of odd jobs and experimented with dance and theatre for quite a while before entering Bollywood. The actor though points out that all the experience that he has gained from his work has made him a stronger person. He says that he has lost count of the number of films that he has acted in, especially the sequels. He admits to have had a foreboding on which films will do well and which won't. He has five projects in hand, including the sequels to 'Munna Bhai MBBS' and 'Dhamaal'. The actor who was in the city recently for 'Signature Startup Masterclass', takes time off to chat with Nina C George about his life and work.

You have entertained people through many roles. How would you describe your sense of humour in real life?

I have a good sense of humour. I laugh a lot and crack a joke or two only when I am with my close friends because I know they can relate to what I am saying. But I am careful when talking in public.

Why have you become very choosy?

I pick and choose my hits and flops. I know that many of the projects may flop, but I still work in them because I can make my money. I believe that one should choose one's hits and flops and that one should also do dignified flops.

You have worked on a lot of sequels. Ever got bored of it?

I have always noticed that the directors who make sequels have clarity of thought, a good judgement about the end product and know exactly what they want from the actors. The reality is that sequels are always made with good characters.

Would you like to work in a Kannada film?

I can't speak a word of Kannada. I don't work in a film unless I am familiar with the language.

In such a rushed existence, do you get time to spend with your family?

I make time to spend with my family. My son is 13 years old and daughter is 10. I make sure that I don't miss out on their growing up years and spend quality time with them.

Your mantra to handling stress...

I don't get stressed. Life is very simple and it is up to you to either go with the flow or complicate it.

How would you rate yourself as an actor?

I am not a bad actor, I am a decent one. I never add any extra frills to my character and that's precisely why all my roles appear to be as real and as natural as possible.

What's your opinion about 'Signature Startup Masterclass'?

I am glad that 'Signature Startup Masterclass' thought that my life and story is worth documenting. It is a very unique concept.

Thoughts on Bengaluru...

I used to regularly visit Bengaluru 26 years ago with my dance troupe. We used to perform here quite frequently. I still remember that the first thing that we would do when we reached Bengaluru was to shop at 'The Wearhouse'. They always sold some cool clothes. Bengaluru was always a nice place to hang out. We would also hop in and out of as many pubs and cafes back then.

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