'My dream is to do good work'

'My dream is to do good work'
At a time when male actors had the lion’s share of the powerful roles in the Malayalam industry, she was one woman who stood up to them. She took a long break after marriage, only to return with a powerful role in ‘How Old Are You?’.

Actor Manju Warrier was in the city for the launch of Kalyan Jewellers’ store in Malleswaram. Manju, who is also the brand ambassador of Kalyan Jewellers, talks to Harini Naidu on her second innings.

Which is your favourite spot in Bengaluru?

I have come to Bengaluru only a few times. There is a lot to explore for me in this city and I am eager to see more of it.

Why have you not ventured into other film industries?

I am really looking forward for great opportunities. Thankfully discussions are happening and if everything goes well, then something might come up next year.

Which is closer to your heart, dance or films? How do you juggle both?

Both are close to my heart. They are like my hands and there is no need for me to juggle because I am not that busy a person and I have equal time for both (laughs).

Who decides the expiry date of a woman’s dream? What is your dream?

My dream right now is to do good work. I think women are at par with men. I see them standing up for their rights and making a mark in their respective areas.

What is your upcoming movie ‘Odiyan’ all about?

It is a thriller. I am honoured to work with Mohanlal sir and learnt a lot from him.

You made a comeback after 14 years. Where you apprehensive?

It was not planned at all in my case. It just happened by chance and I’m blessed to receive such a warm welcome from people and for appreciating my work.

Any tips for women getting back to work after a break in their life?

Just be confident and be 100% sincere to what you do, and things will eventually fall in place.

How was it to act with Amitabh Bachchan in the commercial?

I thank Kalyan Jewellers for that. If it was not for them, I wouldn’t have met him ever. You learn a lot of things from him on how to be grounded despite being hugely successful. He extends mutual respect and warmth to the people working with him.

Any actor that you want to work with?

I haven’t yet worked with Mammootty sir. I had longed to work with Sri Jagathy Sreekumar, but it has not been possible due to certain circumstances.

‘Bhanu’ in ‘Kanmadam’ or ‘Bhadra’ in ‘Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu’? Which would you rate as the best?

Both are equally close to me. I cannot differentiate between any of my characters.
Will the audience get to see a ‘Bhanu’ or ‘Bhadra’ again?

I really hope such works come up.

Are you excited about the new phase in commercial Malayalam cinema?

I can’t really say that the change has happened now as the change as always been there right from the beginning. Any good change is always welcome.

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