Book Rack - Dec 17

A Few Good Friends

Swati Kaushal

Hachette, 2017, Rs 399, pp 310

At the 20th-anniversary reunion of a batch from a prestigious college, things go haywire as ex-lovers reunite, old grudges resurface and long-held secrets come tumbling out. In this trip filled with nostalgia, one message comes true: friends are fallible,
friendships aren't.


The Last Girl

Nadia Murad & Jenna Krajeski

Hachette, 2017, Rs 399, pp 306

This is a memoir of Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman who lost her family in a war, and was enslaved   by the ISIS. It records her struggles during the period and her fight against the genocide of her community.

 The Soul

Anurag Sharma

Roman Books, 2017, Rs 295, pp 200

Set in Indore, this tells the tale of Ramu, a carriage owner, and his children. Ganga is hearing-impaired and mute; she struggles with her illness; she survives rape. It's also about Harsh, Aryan and Palak, and their journey in the face of societal expectations.

 The Only Life

Rashid Maxwell

Simon & Schuster, 2017, Rs 350, pp 307

This book is a biography situated in spirituality. It's a life story of a woman, Laxmi, who blazed a path for herself around the international movement of Osho, touching upon her ostracisationand resilience in the face of trials.

Mountains, Rivers, and Soldiers

Binoy Varakil

Roman Books, 2017, Rs 295, pp 170

Emmanuel is a commissioned officer in the Indian Army. Torn between the love for his beloved and his homeland, he soon transforms into a hero who sacrifices everything for his beliefs. Aside from this, the lives of his father and grandfather are entwined with his and the tragedies of the family.


Never Marry a Woman with Big Feet

Mineke Schipper

Speaking Tiger, 2017, Rs 599, pp 443

This book collates experiences of women through proverbs from over 245 languages. The vivid and earthy proverbs also reflect women's life stages - from a girl to a bride, from a wife to a co-wife, or widow to grandmother. The proverbs delineate the feminine ideal.


Season of Crimson Blossoms

Abubaker Adam Ibrahim

Speaking Tiger, 2017, Rs 499, pp 290

This novel is set in Abuja, Northern Nigeria. Binta Zubairu is a widow and yearns for intimacy. Hussain Reza, 25 years old, seeks to fill the void left by his estranged mother and a distant father. The two embark on a secret relationship. What follows is a confrontation between Binta's wealthy son and Reza.


Is Your Mind really Yours?

Ajay Sachdeva

Niyogi Books, 2017, Rs 395, pp 179

The author asserts that life, at its core, is centred
around the relationship one has with one's self, with their thoughts and emotions. These influence one's relationship with their family and friends. This is a self-help book that evaluates stereotypes and  perceptions that affect the human mind. It hopes to help the reader to break free from toxic stereotypes and limits.



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