Credit flow to agri sector dull in first half of 2017-18

Credit flow to agri sector dull in first half of 2017-18

In the first two quarters of this financial year, the achievement under the annual credit plan with regard to credit flow into the agriculture sector in the district was only 27.72%, though the overall achievement against the total target comprising all sectors was 52.35%.

The quarterly meeting of district-level review committee (DLRC), organised by the District Lead Bank (Vijaya Bank), here on Saturday, was informed that the annual target is Rs 2,980.20 crore credit flow to the agriculture sector, and by September end, 538.74 crore was disbursed against the quarter-end target of Rs 1,943.15 crore. Bankers noted that later kharif season due to the delay in the onset of monsoon was the reason for this.

Meanwhile, 112.47% achievement was recorded in lending to small and micro enterprises (SME) sector, by disbursing Rs 636.50 crore. In total, the annual credit plan has targeted Rs 6,572.14 crore credit flow, and the achievement by September end was Rs 1,929.63 crore (52.35%).

In priority sector, Rs 1,434.66 crore (51.44% achievement) was disbursed in the district, and taluk-wise, Dharwad stood first with 66.90% achievement and Kalghatagi last with 16.97%. The achievement in lending to non-priority sector was 89.51%.

Meanwhile, the National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NAVARD) has prepared Rs 7,015.25 crore potential-linked credit plan (PCP) for the district for the year 2018-19, with 57% share to the agriculture sector. The thrust areas would be animal husbandry activities and integrated farming system, along with a focus on water conservation.

ATM security

During the meeting, bankers noted that security guards to all ATM kiosks cannot be arranged round-the clock, but e-surveillance can be arranged, while some kiosks can be closed during night hours. But, the police are asking to close down those ATM centres which lack round-the-clock security, they said.

In reply, Deputy Commissioner S B Bomanahalli noted that providing ATM service and security there is the responsibility of banks. He advised bankers to have a meeting with the police commissioner and to come to a common terms an conditions in this issue.

Expressing ire about the delay in swapping old accounts and opening new ones to disburse the benefits of social security schemes, Mr Bommanahalli asked the bankers to speed up the process. He also asked bank officials to learn Kannada and use Kannada while interacting with customers.

Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer Snehal Rayamane stressed the need to properly link Aadhaar number with bank accounts, so that nobody should be deprived of benefits due to this issue. She also asked bankers to lend more under Mudra scheme which is aimed at promoting income generating activities.

NABARD officer Sheela Bhandarkar noted that book of accounts of self-help groups in the district are being digitised under 'E-Shakti' project.

Vijaya Bank officers Baptist Lobo, Eshwar K, RBI officer Gopal Terdal, and others were present.

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