1 lakh sign petition to clean up Bengaluru

An online petition for 'Cleaning up Bengaluru' has garnered over  one  lakh  signatures.

The petition seeks to make the city's administration take notice of the harm caused by the  mindless dumping of garbage across the city.

What began as a plea to create awareness has turned into the city's movement with people from the country signing the petition to rid the city of garbage.

According to Badrinath Vittal, who started the petition, the stink of uncleared waste dumps has become an everyday scene. He states that the obnoxious fumes from burning plastic and infections caused by medical waste and the increasing wet garbage posed a threat to public health.  

The petition was initially started with an aim of getting 75,000 signatures but has gone on to receive support from over a lakh people from not only the city but also across the country. Awanti Sambarey, who signed the petition, said the Garden City is turning into a garbage city and residents are unable to act. She also highlighted the corporation's responsibility to ensure effective implementation of waste management which has not been done effectively.

When the petition reaches 1.5 lakh signatures, it will be delivered to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.  

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