It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The year-end festive season has arrived. It's time to put up the tree, decorations and set the Christmas ambience. Besides religious significance, the festival focuses on the spirit of giving and sharing. A large part of the celebration includes Christmas parties and get-togethers.  If you are confused about where to begin, here are some tips to get started with the Christmas decoration and bring in the cheer.  

 Start simple    

Christmas decoration doesn't necessarily mean that you give your space a complete overhaul. It's the simple things that will make all the difference. Rajat Singhi, creative director and founder, Address Home, suggests, "Christmas decor is just not about decorating the tree. Subtle metallic surfaces with little bit of glimmer and shine can bring out the festive cheer. Use whites to give a more 'wintery' look. Use furniture that will bring out the upholstery well. The use of vintage furniture can give off a Xmas look, along with some greens accessories. Light up a corner with candleware and lights. Use lights in varying heights around the side tables, coffee tables and mantle shelves for a great Christmas look."  

If you are someone who has a traditional approach to decor, you might want to know how to bring in a Christmas look that goes with the ethnic vibe of your home. "The traditional Christmas colours are red, green and gold. These colours work well with ethnic homes as they are decorated in similar colours," says Vinithra Amarnath, founder, Weespaces.

She further adds, "A great way to bring in Christmas decor is through pillows and throws in your living area. Pick one bright colour like red or green and mix it with neutrals like beige, grey or even black and white. Add a metallic touch with some gold to elevate the look and bring in the festive feel. Using the same palette, add candles and votives or tealight holders for the much-needed glow. Translate the same colours to the ornaments used on your tree and consider adding small objects like metallic trees on a shelf or sparkling balls in a large open bowl or jar."  

Colour it Christmas

Similarly, Vinithra suggests that if your home is modern and uses a cooler palette, choose the 'winter wonderland' look using shades of white, blue and silver. This frosty colour palette is light, bright and festive. Silver embellishments, a soft white cashmere or woollen shawl used as a throw on your couch and a simple ivory rug under your tree are great ways to bring in this look.

You can also consider making your own Christmas decorations this year and make it a family tradition for coming years. Anjali Mathew and her two children have been making their own decorations from paper for a few years now. "It all began with an obsession with paper. It started with us wanting to make snowflakes. I made the standard form and then we began looking around for more complex forms, and it took off from there. That year, we had a whole wall of snowflakes. Every year, we began to think on what we could do next. One year it was suncatchers, where we made little snowflake bombs, stuck them on windows and when the sunlight comes through them, they shows you various patterns. Another time, it was trees because the kids wanted to learn how to make them. It all grew organically and now it's become a Christmas tradition," says Anjali.

Almost all of the Cristmas artwork made by Anjali and her children is made using paper. They use origami sheets of different colours. For suncatchers, they used coloured tissue paper and made snowflakes using regular A4 size sheets. All of the artwork is done through online tutorials videos that they browse through together. Many different ideas are then strung together to make a cohesive decor plan.  

If there is one thing that can happen with seasonal decor, it is that you can go overboard with it all. "I believe that festive decor should enhance the look of your home in a way bringing in the spirit but not necessarily transforming your home or taking away from the ethos of it," says Vinithra.

Subtlety is key

She adds, "So, keep the additions cohesive with the look and feel of your home. Keep the use of colour in line with the colours in your home. If your home uses yellows and oranges, consider using similar tones in your decor and break it up with pops of red. Adding a flocked white tree with blue lights will look jarring and stand out. My best advice would be to think about the look you want beforehand and pick a  few festive pieces like a red and white striped throw, or a pair of gold candles or a set of solid red pillows. Work them into the rest of your existing decor instead of getting a set of six red pillows or a box of matching golden ornaments. It helps to get a few eye-grabbing pieces instead of shopping for sets of decor items.  

 Rajat adds, "Choose a base colour such as white and one accent colour like green. The use of silver and nickel-plated decor could serve well, along with some greys. Create focus areas by choosing certain sections of the house instead of doing up all the spaces. Creative corners and simple stair decor could bring in subtlety."

So, while you may be decking the hall with bows of holly, how much of it and where you put it matters a lot too. Have a great time decking up your home for Christmas.

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