Go minimalistic

Go minimalistic

Clear skin, minimalistic eyes and nude lips are three trends that will set the skin mandate for you this season. A subtle no-make up look will set the order. Going minimalistic with her look for her wedding, actor Anushka Sharma has proved less is more for all brides-to-be.
Here are a few beauty and make up trends that will define the winter party look:
Eyes: Super long lashes with glossy lids are the flavour of the season. Use your imagination while applying eye liners and experiment with shapes. Making use of different colours will only add to the exaggerated flick. Creamy blusters will slowly edge out the powdery ones. The bolder the better, a big lash with an understated lip can make a subtle, but bold statement.
Face: For the dewy finish, use a liquid foundation to highlight and define your facial features. The finish gives an almost-wet look. Heavy bronzing and highlighting are passé. Semi-permanent make-up and techniques like air brushing will help your make-up last long. A neutral blush and a pinch of highlighter on the cheek will help you sail through the day.
Lips: Glossy lips should take charge and add to the glow on your face. Keep your lips clear for the day look, but add a bold colour for a night out. Bold lips in dark colours, berry-hues and two-toned lips are the flavour of the season. Apply gloss for the perfect pout. In lipsticks, matte will be replaced by creamier counterparts. Chromatic lip gloss or a metallic one can be used over any lipstick of your choice to make your lips shine and glow in winter.
Copying the global trends blindly will just go awry if the following tips are not heeded:
* Keep your skin well moisturised and nourished. That's the basic skin hygiene without major costs involved.
* Maintain a healthy and balanced diet with adequate water intake for that inimitable natural glow. Consume beans, bran, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy digestive system and a clear skin.
* Exercise and practice yoga to keep the oxygen flow on and stress at bay. Remember natural glow stems from inner well-being. Stress is an unavoidable part of everybody's life. It elevates the stress hormones in the body leading to skin breakouts.
* Don't forget to stay away from smoking in all its forms.

(The author is the head, beauty & makeup VLCC Wellness Services)

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